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    China plastic card produces plastic cards,membership cards,gift cards,custom plastic cards since 2008. Welcome to inquiry via email sales@hyd-inc.com.

    Service Center


    Design service & Artwork requirements

    Design service

    If you don’t have your own artwork, don’t worry, Cardsfly provide paid design service. Following are the detailed charging policy.

    Logo design cost: $80 / one;

    Card design cost: $50 / one;

    Brochure design & flyer design cost: $30 / page;

    Proof sheet design: Free ( Based on your vectorial artwork )




    Artwork requirements

    If you have your own design, please send us the artwork that meet the following requirements.

    1. 300dpi;

    2. Vectorial artwork: .pdf, .ai, .cdr, .indd, .psd, .eps (If you just have JPG file, please keep the JPG file high resolution. The JPG file screen effect is a little different from true printing effect, so you need accept it).

    3. 2mm blood position for die cutting.