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    China plastic card produces plastic cards,membership cards,gift cards,custom plastic cards since 2008. Welcome to inquiry via email sales@hyd-inc.com.


    Established in 2008, HYDCard (Formerly CardsFly) is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of plastic cards in Shenzhen, China. ?Our many years of production experience are placed at our customers disposal with every order. ?We at HYDCard place emphasis on quality and speed of service. ?Regrettably, many companies in China produce poor quality products at low prices as to undermine the market. ?At HYDCard, we choose to focus on quality and establish long-standing relationships with our clientele. ?Quality, service, pricing and cooperation are how we have become an industry leader. ?No problem is too small to be ignored and regularly we will test numerous potential solutions in order to find the appropriate resolution and this is echoed by each and every employee at HYDCard as quality goes deep into all of our hearts. ?Our quality is guaranteed and if, by chance we provide a less than satisfactory product, we will redo the order free of charge.

    Cost is always a sensitive issue to us all. ?At HYDCard, we work diligently on keeping our production costs low allowing us to transfer those savings to our clients while of course, allowing us to realize a reasonable profit. ?Those that are familiar with sourcing production of high quality cards for any use often look no further than HYDCard once they receive a quote.

    Customers and potential customers are welcome to visit our state of the art factory at any time. ?We ship worldwide with primary focus on Europe, Australia, Canada, United States, India and Japan. ?Our clientele include such famous enterprises as Disney?, Hilton?, MacDonald’s?, Mercedes Benz?, Canon?, Samsung?, Sony? and Huawei?. ?At HYDCard, our focus is cooperation and we start the affiliation with honesty, integrity and the belief that every order, no matter how large or how small is the first of many. ?We encourage you to contact us and explore just what CardsFly can do for you.