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    China plastic card produces plastic cards,membership cards,gift cards,custom plastic cards since 2008. Welcome to inquiry via email sales@hyd-inc.com.

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    Smart card
    MOQ: 100pcs

    Material: High quality pvc

    Size: Standard CR80 85.5mmx54mm or on demand

    Thickness: 0.76mm,0.5mm,0.3mm,0.25mm,0.82mm etc

    Print: offset print,silk print,digital print

    Payment: Western Union, TT, Paypal, MoneyGram
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    Product Detail

    Smart card


    Smart Card Parameters
    Product Name smart card
    Material PVC / ABS / PP / PETG / Clear PVC
    Size 85.5mmx54mm (round corner) or 90mmx50mm(round or or on demand)
    Print offset printing / silk printing / digital printing
    MOQ 100pcs
    Lamination overlay laminated into glossy, or matt or frosted
    Artwork design .ai/ .cdr/ .psd/ .pdf/ .indd/ .eps etc
    Crafts QR code/embossing/hot foil stamping/varnish oil finish/laser engraving/die cut etc
    Lead time 8-10 days
    Delivery time 3-6 days
    Payment term T/T,Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram
    Delivery way express delivery,air delivery,sea delivery
    Samples sample production accept
    free produced sample business card by Airmail
    Package details 500pcs/tray,2000pcs/carton or 250pcs/inner box,2500pcs/carton
    Application smart card
    Weight 12kg per 2000pcs
    Certificate ISO 9001 quality guaranteed



    Contact smart card chip
    Logic security IC ISO Protocol Capacity
    SLE4442/5542 ISO7816 256 bits
    SLE4428/5528 ISO7816 1024 bits
    FM4442 ISO7816 256 bits
    FM4428 ISO7816 1024 bits
    BL7742 ISO7816 256 bits
    BL7428 ISO7816 1024 bits
    Storage IC ISO protocol Capacity
    AT24C01 ISO7816 1024 bits
    AT24C02 ISO7816 2048 bits
    AT24C04 ISO7816 4096 bits
    AT24C16 ISO7816 16k bits
    AT24C64 ISO7816 64k bits
    AT24C128 ISO7816 128k bits
    AT24C256 ISO7816 256k bits


    Contactless IC card chip, RFID card
    Low frequency 125-134Khz ISO protocol Capacity
    EM4102 ISO7815 64 bits
    EM4305 ISO7815 512 bits
    EM4450 ISO7815 1k bits
    TK4100 ISO7815 64 bits
    T5577 ISO7815 330 bits
    HITAG1 ISO11784/85 2048 bits
    HITAG2 ISO11784/85 256 bits
    HITAG S256 ISO11784/85 2560 bits
    HITAG S2048 ISO11784/85 32048 bits
    High frequency?13.56MHz ISO protocol Capacity
    FM11RF08 ISO14443A 1024 bits
    ISSI 4439 ISO14443A 1024 bits
    NXP Mifare 1k S50 ISO14443A 1024 bits
    NXP Mifare 4k S70 ISO14443A 4069 bits
    I CODE SLI ISO15693 1024 bits
    I CODE SLI-S ISO15693 2048 bits
    I CODE SLI-L ISO15693 512 bits
    I CODE SLI-X ISO15693 2048 bits
    Mifare Ultralight ISO14443A 64 bits
    Mifare Ultralight C ISO14443A 192 bits
    Mifare PLUS 2K ISO14443A 2048 bits
    Mifare PLUS 4K ISO14443A 4069 bits
    Mifare Desfire 2K ISO14443A 2048 bits
    Mifare Desfire 4K ISO14443A 4069 bits
    Mifare Desfire 8K ISO14443A 8192 bits
    TI256 ISO15693 256 bits
    TI2048 ISO15693 2048 bits
    Ultra high frequency ISO protocol Capacity
    NXP UHF-6C ISO18000-C 512 bits




    Why Choose us?



    ? Free produced samples by airmail, about 2-3 weeks delivery time
    ? Free design service
    ? High resolution 4 colors Heidelberg offset printer
    ? Eco-friendly PVC material
    ? Best price-competitive price guarantee, for wholesales and retail
    ? Low mould production cost for custom shape cards
    ? All the cards are laminated with overlay to protect the print ink
    ? Fast shipping with cheap shipping cost
    ? Quick response within one day
    ? Quality assurance. Any our reason to cause rejection, we promise to redo for free




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    We are VIP clients of different logistics company and have low cheap shipping cost, we will suggest you the most economic shipping way according to your situation.

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